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Maintenance And Operation Services


About Qreeb

Established by Saudi youths, Qreeb’s core objective is to develop, transform and disrupt the facility management industry and its procurement needs using modern methods; to transform operational maintenance to full facility management. Qreeb is a platform (fully integrated and customizable solution) that serves both service providers and customers looking for high-quality and professional services. Qreeb has professional support staff and customer satisfaction is their only priority.


Why Qreeb

At Qreeb we provide integrated digital system for e-ticketing to place and process requests from service providers while being able to monitor the efficiency of the services and evaluate the request. This allows service providers to improve efficiency and measure the performance of services in terms of efficiency and quality versus other service providers and also ensuring optimal performance delivery to the end customer while reducing operational costs for their facility management business.


Our Services

Qreeb’s platform provides clients with a wide variety of all facility management services with the possibility of adding any future services making it easy to access a diverse selection of services.


At Qreeb we have specialized and professional staff dedicated to develop our platform and technology, continue research and development, customer services agents to support and ensure the satisfaction of both our clients and service providers in order to exceed their expectations.




We believe that success requires extensive and coherent work between clients and service providers, therefore at Qreeb we made workmanship and professionalism one of our key metrics by providing feedback on services, ensuring high level of visibility in terms of timeline and punctuality to deliver on the requirements of our customer.


Qreeb Facilities Features

A comprehensive digital system for all work steps
Fast​​ services providing to clients
Follow-up of the requests for services electronically 100%
Simplify the work steps of the companies providing the services
Connect automatically with clients electronically
Reducing operating expenses
Providing various statistical and analytical reports serving the business
Performance level measurement
Live Follow up with  technicians
Follow up on service evaluation and customer service development

Qreeb Application Users

Qreeb platform is designed to serve a wide spectrum of clients including individuals, corporations and companies to directly order any service from qualified service providers, either professional individuals or companies specialized in facility management.


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